About Sarah

What drew Sarah to Wilmington was the character and all it has to offer. It was a natural transition for Sarah to enter the real estate industry to share all her knowledge and passion for the community she loves. In her spare time, Sarah is often found on the water, in a park with her five rescued dogs, in the yard with her ducks and chickens, or enjoying an iced coffee with her fiancé from a handful of great places she can recommend to you. She is very active in her community, spending most days in the theatre. A source of pride for Sarah was receiving the award for Outstanding Ensemble Member of the Year.

Sarah possesses a natural sensitivity to people’s perspectives and needs— an innate quality that is intuitive and unteachable. Her level of professionalism makes it clear she won’t leave room for error with your purchase or sale, as she treats every transaction as if it were her own. Whether you are buying or selling, she believes her job includes taking the pressure from you, so you can make clear and concise decisions throughout, and truly have fun in the exciting process.

Sarah is genuinely thankful she discovered the treasure that is Wilmington and cannot wait to show you around!